International registration of trade marks (trademarks, symbols, trademarks for goods and services)

  • Trademark registration abroad under the national procedure through patent attorneys of the country;
  • Trademark registration abroad on the Madrid System;

International protection of trademarks is performed by the Madrid system, which, in respect of trade marks is governed by two complementary treaties : the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol.

Options World promoting the protection of intellectual property rights and the administration of special treaties and conventions by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO ).

Advantages of the Madrid System for the International Registration of Trademarks:

International trademark registration has the same effect as an application for its registration filed in each of the countries designated by the applicant under the national procedure.

Brand simultaneously receives protection in several countries by filing a single application;

application for registration of a trademark filed in one language (it is - French or English );

All documents submitted to the Office of a;

Payment is made in one department in one currency (Swiss francs ) and once!

If within a certain period ( 12 or 18 months ) the relevant national Trademark Office designated country does not refused to grant protection to a trademark, then he is given the same protection as if the trademark was registered in this state under the national procedure;

In the future to extend trademark protection can be made to specify and other countries.

registration procedure under the Madrid system looks like this:

registration procedure under the Madrid system looks

basic requirement of international trademark registration system:
Must have a trademark registration or apply for a trademark in Ukraine.

Basic fee in Swiss Francs (CHF):
Trademark without color - 653 CHF
Trademark in color - 903 CHF
Additionally, for each class of goods and services exceeding three - 73 CHF (or individual fee country )
Additionally for each claimed state - 73 CHF (or individual fee country)

IMPORTANT: some States of the Madrid system installed individual fees.

To determine the cost of registration using the Madrid system must specify the countries that you are interested. We will help you choose the most suitable way of obtaining trademark rights and prepare a list of those payments, you will need to produce the desired result.

Please note that to apply to the states, which use the Latin alphabet, it is necessary to apply for the designation, made it in Latin.

  • Trademark Registration simultaneously in all countries of the European Union ( Community Badge, Star of the EU ).

Zodiac EU acts on the territory of all - members of the community.
Period of the sign of the EU is 10 years with the possibility of continuing for the next 10 -year period;

cost of obtaining registration of a sign of the EU:

  • cost of applying for a sign (individual) to 3 classes - 900 euro

All actions against Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) carried out through the European patent attorney.

cost services of the European patent attorney ranges from 300 to 400 euro per action;

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