Patents inventions and utility models

What is an invention and utility model?

invention ( utility model ) - an idea that enables a practical solution of the technical problem, it's - result of human intellectual activity in any field of technology, it is - opportunity to make progress in any field of industrial technologies to ensure the interests of society.

invention (utility model ) can be : device, method, material, biological material (eg, strain of microorganism, cell culture, plants and animals), and the new use of a known product or process.

What is a patent and what is it for?

In exchange for the disclosure of the invention, its author, the state on behalf of society grants a patent on the invention. Secured a patent inventorship and exclusive right to use the invention. The patent is valid only in the country where it is issued .

To ensure protection of your economic interests not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, it is recommended to obtain a patent in the country of your interest or group of countries . The patent will enable you to use exclusively, to authorize the use or prohibit the use of your invention by third parties in a particular territory .

patent is granted for an invention that meets the criteria of patentability : novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability .

patent is granted for a utility model, if it is new and industrially applicable . At the same time, registration ( secret address ) patent system that is held only formal examination and not held substantive examination.

What is the term of the patent?

term of a patent for an invention - 20 years from the date of submission of application for the invention. Validity of a declarative patent for a utility model - 10 years.

What you need to do to get a patent?

order to obtain intellectual property rights for an invention or utility model must apply the prescribed form and in the prescribed manner . In the process of examination is decided to grant a patent or refusal to extradite him .

Who can be the owner of the intellectual property rights for the invention (the patent holder)?

owner of intellectual property rights can be an inventor, employer of the inventor if the invention was created in the framework of a service job or contract, the inventor or the successor employer. On behalf of a person who is entitled to a patent, the application may file his representative.

We can:

  • advise you on all matters related to the procurement, implementation and enforcement of intellectual property and an invention (utility model);
  • help you apply for an invention (utility model) and do everything possible to get your patent;
  • be your consultants in the negotiations regarding the transfer of patent rights and the definition of conditions for the transfer of the right to use the invention or utility model;
  • constitute license agreement or treaty on the transfer of rights;
  • help implement the whole complex of measures to protect your rights, represent and defend your interests in the Court of Appeal or the Court, apply to the relevant executive authorities for the protection of your rights and legitimate interests.

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