Protection of intellectual property rights

Our Agency provide services related to representation of the interests of the customer on Protection of the Right intellectual property courts and other bodies that according to Ukrainian legislation, participate in intellectual property rights protection.

right to judicial protection means that under certain conditions a person who believes his rights have been violated, may require the court decision on the application of one of the methods of protection, and the court must decide the appropriate content. Judicial procedures for the protection of the rights is the most perfect for truth. Therefore, the judicial procedure is the main form of protection of the rights of intellectual property.

In court also considered invalid security documents - Patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks evidence, international registration, operating in Ukraine. Grounds for declaring invalid security documents may be non- object conditions of providing legal protection, including the fact that they were issued in violation of the rights of third parties.

Another way to protect Intellectual Property the rights - appeal to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. The whole procedure of dispute resolution in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine defined legislation.

may also seek protection of their rights and the Court of Appeal of the State Department of Intellectual Property of MES. In the Appeals Chamber considers disputes of an administrative nature. Basically, it is an objection against the decision to the applicant refusal to grant protection for an industrial property.

Protect your rights of intellectual property is also possible by applying to the State Customs Service of Ukraine. Customs Code provides for a procedure of making an object of intellectual property rights in a special register. Usually trademarks and industrial designs. The result of the roster intellectual property rights at the request of the owner is that the customs border will stop consignments imported into the territory of Ukraine in violation of intellectual property rights.

Currently, Ukrainian legislation provides enough effective measures to protect the rights intellectual property, including criminal liability for violation of intellectual property.

Main goal of all measures provided - let the owners of intellectual property rights in good faith and peaceful enjoyment of their rights and prohibit third parties from using them improperly.

At the preliminary stage, our specialists will examine the materials submitted by you and give recommendation Which of the possible remedies to use.

Our specialists who will represent your interests in the courts or other bodies, will give the opportunity to choose the most rational way protect your rights.

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